Strolling Through Krakow – Suggested Clubs

Eatery and jazz club is arranged in primary square of Krakow. The inside helps to remember a regal chamber and establishes an incredible connection with guests. Rough, stone walls covered with red and brilliant tissues make on astonishing climate out of this spot. The most trademark things of the club are: bar copying the piano and one old piano arranged in café lobby. In this astounding inside you can attempt Clean and Italian food, scrumptious beverages and pay attention to jazz.


Huge club (170 square meters) with an incredible climate. It comprises 수원하이퍼블릭 of 6 rooms, all of which has its own name, similar to: “Paradise”, “Damnation”, “Speculative chemistry” and so on. Music: jazz, people, Hawaii and Cuban. However, it isn’t just a music club. There are many times coordinated shows and widespread developments like: displays and film shows, also.

Bistro Integracja

A spot loaded with agreeable couches and seats. Club contains 3 rooms, gallery and dance floor. There are exceptional limits for understudies accessible. Trademark thing of this spot is beguiling chimney. Music offer is exceptionally enhanced and unique. From Monday to Thursday in the club there rule “music of spots” (“budda bar”, “bistro del damage”). Friday is the reggae day and Saturday – Oldies Goldies.

Bledne Kolo

In this club you can invest energy in extraordinary air drinking beautiful beverages and paying attention to live phonographic music. Parties happen here each day, from Tuesday to Saturday. Club was as of late redesigned, presently it has an extra floor, so on the off chance that you wish to sit down and effectively talk or read, you can make it happen! Huge porch will allow you to take a whiff of natural air. Music: house, reggae, jazz, ragga, dance.